Ultra Thin Waterproof Stylish Sports LED Watch - Fluorescent GREEN

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Waterproof, Sporty LED Watch with Time and Date. Ultra Thin and Light Weight with just 1cm thickness. The strap can be adjusted based on your size as provided in the instructions. Do go through the other products in our store. We are sure you would love them.

How to set time?

Press your finger to the screen and the time is displayed.
Press screen again and wait a few seconds, the watch will go blank and the current hourly setting will blink. Every press will increase the number and it need to be pressed for a few seconds to confirm the right number. After setting the correct hour, you will be allowed to change the minute settings as well.
Following, press screen for a few seconds again and you can also set Year and Date orderly.

I. display time, date 
By pressing the operating area, the watch starts displaying time, corresponding to the hours and minutes 
Without further action, the lights will automatically turn off after three seconds. 
Before the lights go out, the click operation area will display the date in mm-dd order.
Before the lights go out, again clicking the operation area will display the seconds.

II. Adjust the time. Date 
Click the operating area, the watch displays the time.
1. Before the lights go out, press and hold the operating area continuously for 3 seconds ,hour area corresponding figure starts flashing, then release the hand, begin to enter the adjustment hour mode, each press, hours +1. 
2. Before the lights go out, press and hold the operating area continuously for 3 seconds, minutes regions corresponding figure starts flashing, then release the hand, begin to enter the adjustment minute  mode, each press, the number of minutes +1. 
3. Before the lights go out, press and hold the operating area continuously for 3 seconds , the region corresponds to the year starts flashing, then release the hand, began to enter the adjustment year mode, each press, the number of year +1. 
4. Before the lights go out, press and hold the operating area continuously for 3 seconds ,the area corresponding to the month digit starts flashing, then release the hand, began to enter the adjustment month mode, each press, the number of months +1. 
5. Before the lights go out, press and hold the operating area continuously for 3 seconds, number that corresponds to the day  starts flashing, then release the hand, began to enter the adjustment day mode, each press, a few days +1. 
After this adjustment, ignore blank screen automatically after three seconds to exit adjustment mode